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Staldom company participates in Southern agro-industrial exhibition “ Farmer 2016” , from February, 17 to February, 20, 2016.

In advance of spring the 14th international agricultural exhibition “ Southern agro-industrial fair Farmer 2016” took place in  Movie and Concert Hall “Yubileyniy” , Kherson city.

Here there are representatives of more than 80 agricultural concerns. That amount of participants proves the strong interest in collaboration, especially in agricultural sphere.  The exhibit display situates not only inside of Movie and Concert Hall “Yubileyniy” but also outside of it, where the farm equipment is presented.

On the stand the experts of Staldom company shared their experience with the representatives of agricultural companies and farming enterprises, who also participates in the exhibition. Using their great experience in construction the easy-assembleyed building of different purposes, our experts were consulting the visitors of the exhibition  and everyone who was interested in.

For today, energy efficiency is one of the most essential building characteristics. While the prices are grooving your building will always be safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Everyone knows that LSTS profiles have a wide sphere of usage in Staldom technology.

Staldom is a modern, reliable technology of alternative easy-to-assemble house construction. This technology is based on application of light steel thin-walled structures with a wide sphere of usage. It is possible to construct buildings and constructions for various purposes: commercial buildings, townhouses, hotels, cottages, hangars and warehouses. Due to these features the construction of the building could be finished in 2-3 months. As a result this very technology dominates both among the traditional and modern ways of construction.

We hope that after our participation  the volume of frame construction in the Southern part of Ukraine will increase.