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Crimea. Building Industry. Energy saving. Autumn – 2013

From October 24th to October 26th Crimean residents had the opportunity to learn about innovations in the field of construction, architecture and energy saving. This opportunity was provided by the organizers of the exhibition "Crimea. Building Industry. Energy saving. Autumn 2013 ".

This autumn Staldom has visited Simferopol twice in order to participate in exhibitions. Traditionally the quantity of Crimean visitors, aiming for further development and expansion of their business, was a pleasant surprise. According to preliminary results, we can say that private construction market also becomes more brick.

Indeed, experience demonstrates that usually construction works begin in spring, but in autumn there is the opportunity to get well prepared. Thereby the visitors collect as much information as possible about planning of future building, preparation of documentation, about working with design and construction companies, design studios, etc. At the initial stage of construction there are a lot of questions faced by the customer. One of the most urgent and responsible decisions is still the choice of construction technology for the future building. Today there are many offers from many companies on the market. But among the relatively new technologies preference is given to those that are optimally combine the basic qualities: relatively low construction cost, high quality and reliability of the building, durability and practicality, in case of commercial buildings quick payback and high speed building construction is accounted. Staldom technology meets all these requirements.

Also it is very convenient that you can build at any time of the year, for the Crimean entrepreneurs it means that the construction work could be finished even before the start of the holiday season and the beginning of payback period will not take long.

 Staldom offers construction in short term, with high quality and for obtainable price. What could be more important when it comes to your own home or business?