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Enclosing Structures


Modern requirements to a heat transfer through external walls exclude the possibility of use of a bricklaying of external walls of multi-storeyed houses; otherwise a demanded thickness of external walls on ground floors would make one and a half meters. Bricks with their heavy weight can’t provide sufficient heat and sound insulation; gas concrete and foam concrete also have their own disadvantages.

Advanced elaboration of Staldom company experts in order to solve this issue are enclosing structures or thermopanels.

Thermopanels can be applied on prefabricated reinforced concrete frames or frames erected from ferrous metal for filling of external apertures instead of traditional ones - gas concrete structures, foam concrete structures, brick structures etc.

The thermopanel is a hook-up or built-in enclosing element in a frame-monolithic building. Thermopanels accept the wind loading affecting a facade and transfer it onto the basic bearing frame of a building. Thermopanels can be applied not only in external walls but also in internal partitions.

Thermoprofile is used for manufacturing of a thermopanel frame. For internal sheathing of thermopanels gypsum boards are used. Between sheathing there is a cellulose wool heat insulating layer. Ventilated facade system is mounted as an external furnish.


Operational characteristics of external enclosing structures designs in the form of Staldom thermopanels correspond to environmental conditions of various regions and provide necessary sanitary-and-hygienic comfortable conditions in premises.

Application of Staldom thermopanels as enclosing structures provides a number of advantages:

  • allows to considerably reduce the term of erection of a building (panels can be mounted already with built-in windows, external furnish and warming);
  • to essentially save on a foundation since a thermopanel weight is much lower than weight of traditional construction materials;
  •  to receive up to 15 % of internal space economy at the expense of a lesser thickness of walls;
  • high sound and thermal insulation indicators.

As a result of application of thermopanels, consumption of concrete expense decreases and expenses for transportation and load-lifting operations are essentially reduced by 50-80 %, working hours - by 40-70 %, cost of foundation is reduced in 2-4 times. The weight of a thermopanel structure is in times less in comparison with other options of external enclosing systems of monolithic-frame buildings.

Modern trends of development of construction technologies cause investors to refuse from use of out-of-date construction materials, such as bricks, gas concrete, foam concrete etc. For erection of high rise buildings, the most important factors are: cost of materials, environmental indicators, convenience and speed of installation, as well as heat and sound insulation properties. Staldom thermopanels as enclosing structures for monolithic-frame buildings meet all the above requirements.