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Internal works


Stage of internal works is the finishing stage, but it lasts from four to six weeks depending on the number of storeys of buildings.

Basic works include arrangement of utility lines, winterization of walls, heating system installation and in case of presence of interstorey flooring - polystyrene concrete pouring.

Initially utility lines are laid inside wall spaces (electric wiring, water supply and sewage pipes) thus saving 5 to 12 % of the operated area.

The premise is then clad from inside with vapor barrier film in order to create a vaporproof barrier on the internal surface of heat insulation. After that gypsum slabs are mounted.

Winterization of external walls, internal partitions, garret and interstorey flooring is performed with blowing equipment by a dry spraying method. Insulation layer formed in such manner is complete, the material penetrates into all cracks and fills all hollows that are hard to approach.

Heating facilities are installed after completion of winterization of walls. Heating system may be electric or gas type, as selected by the Customer.

In case the building has more than one storey, polystyrene concrete pouring (concrete with a foamed polystyrene as a light filler) as a draft floor of the second and third storeys will be the final works. Polystyrene concrete mixture is laid over a stainless steel board wave serving as a fixed timbering. Polystyrene concrete is used in order to considerably reduce the load on constructive elements of a building. Besides, such floors possess high heat-saving capacity in comparison with an ordinary concrete floor.

For interstorey floorings thickness of a polystyrene concrete layer of 5 cm is sufficient, decreasing noise level at least by 12-15 dB. Immediate laying of tile, ceramic granite, parquet, timber floors onto polystyrene concrete surface is possible. For arrangement of floors made of rolled materials (industrial carpet, linoleum, laminate) it is necessary to strengthen the transverse piece top layer and consequently level weight with a layer of no more than 10 mm is poured onto polystyrene concrete base.