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Advantages of use of STALDOM technology



1. Considerable economy of time and money in the course of foundation arrangement. Since prefabricated wall is several times lighter than a brick one, there is no necessity to arrange foundations with depth of 1.5-2.0 m. Lightened perimeter foundation is quite acceptable for STALDOM system.

Besides, buildings can be erected on sites with any types of soil as there are no restrictions of a foundation selection. It can be either a shallow foundation small (monolithic slab) or a foundation on augered piles.


2. Due to rather small weight of each element, exact size, marking and elaborated detailed design drawings, frame assembly on a building site is performed quickly and with high quality. A brigade of four of five persons assembles a frame of the house with the area up to 500 sq. m for 2-4 weeks. Assembly of all elements of a building requires only a screw driving machine. All elements are connected with self-drilling screws.


3. In the course of building installation there is no need to use cranes or any other load-lifting machinery. This factor is defining if the construction site is located far from roads or there is no possibility of an approach of large-scale machinery, or in case of an emergency situation when it is necessary to assemble a building quickly and qualitatively within a short period of time.


4. Application of thermoprofile in a frame considerably improves thermotechnical parameters of a thermal contour of a building, in other words, so-called «cold bridge» is liquidated. Wall panel with thickness of 150 mm with a cellulose wool heater can replace a brick wall with thickness of 2000 mm.


5. Unlike other building systems, when applying STALDOM system, options of façade furnishing are practically unlimited. All facade solutions in Staldom technology are based on a principle of  a "ventilated facade" - an air clearance is provided between a wall frame and  external furnish which gives the chance to air the heater.


6. Absolute accuracy of all elements of a building excludes expenses of time and materials for additional leveling of walls.


7. The free layout of internal space of the house allows to implement the most bold solutions. Staldom technology structures allow to arrange garret flooring by light farms (beams) with a span up to 9-12 meters.


8. More internal space by 10-15% in comparison with traditional construction. Feature of Staldom technology is a thickness of external walls making 300-400 mm while thickness, for example, of a brick wall makes 500-600 mm. Therefore, at the same dimensions of a building the internal space considerably increases.


9. Seismic resistance of buildings constructed in accordance with Staldom technology makes 9 balls. This allows to erect constructions in mountain seismic active areas.


10. All-season nature of installation. Absence of "wet" works allows to mount a building frame in any time of the year. That is especially actual for resort areas where recreational facilities may be erected, reconstructed, or completed for autumn and winter without losing time in a warm season.


11. STALDOM system successfully fits for reconstruction of already existing buildings, building-on of additional floors. It is especially actual for works in an ancient part of a city where heavy machinery passage is complicated and shabby buildings can only sustain minimum load.


12. Term of operation of a building constructed in accordance with Staldom technology exceeds 85 years, which is much more many modern construction systems can sustain.


13. Ecological compatibility - all elements of a ready building are made of environmentally friendly materials, are antiallergenic and don't contain harmful substances.


14. A building erected in accordance with STALDOM system is much more affordable than a similar one constructed in accordance with a traditional method.