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Wide introduction of technology of frame house construction of low-storey quickly-to-erect buildings and constructions with application of light steel thin-walled structures allows to optimally to realize the "Affordable and Comfortable Housing" project. Durability and strength of constructions, investments efficiency, high speed of construction, excellent technical and operational characteristics, wide architectural possibilities make the use of LSTS technology in commercial construction very advantageous and, in case of construction of mansards, arrangement and reconstruction of roofing coverings, LSTS are beyond competition.


Cottage construction

Frame house technology on the basis of LSTS allows to implement difficult architectural and design solutions with a possibility to construct up to 3 floors. Frame house construction on the basis of LSTS provides the freedom of layouts: metal frame is a bearing one, and ability of structures to cover large spans without intermediate supports on a roofing and not less considerable spans on interstorey floorings allows architects to use internal space as much as possible and to create original layouts meeting all requirements of the Customer. In case of house construction in accordance with STALDOM system the customer receives an ecologically safe and comfortable building with excellent sound and heat insulation.


Commercial buildings (town houses, cottage settlements, office buildings, hotels, recreational centers, shops, service stations, car washes)

LSTS technology is especially important for the investor in case of construction of cost-effective housing when return of the invested funds is the defining factor. Reduction of terms of construction process and, as a consequence, its cost, also depends on the degree of optimization of a construction process where application of integrated assembly of prefabricated elements of a building is possible with application of LSTS for serial construction (for example, a cottage settlement with typical site development or townhouses). In this case the scheme allows to reduce terms of construction and to optimize many construction processes. It is necessary to highlight low operating costs. Buildings constructed with application of LSTS have precise sizes, are well protected from influence of biological and thermal and moisture processes, are durable, energy saving and don't require such high expenses in case of termination of service life or need of capital repairs as structures from classic materials. Thus, LSTS complex forms a modern, exact, fast and economic construction system with wide architectural possibilities.

Construction of service stations, garages, car washes, trading pavilions "on a turnkey basis" assumes laying of all utility lines and final finishing. It allows the customer to save a considerable amount of money and a lot of time. Complex construction includes furnish of walls, arrangement of partitions and other elements. Many of those works are performed industrially after which the ready structure is simply mounted onto the foundation. You may also order construction of service stations, garages, car washes, trading pavilions in a base complete set for independent furnish.



Staldom technology may be used for construction of water complexes, pools, baths and other constructions with raised humidity. Due to a considerable zinc covering, elements of building aren't exposed to corrosion for a long term and application of a thermoprofile system together with an effective heater reduces heat losses of a building to a minimum.


Industrial buildings (warehouses, hangars)

Considerable length of frame elements used for interstorey floorings allows to erect structures perfect for the arrangement of warehouses, farms, hothouses, greenhouses, and small terms of construction and erection of a structure makes them economically attractive for commercial use. All quickly-to-erect hangars are prefabricated: it is possible not only to assemble prefabricated hangars from ready panels quickly on a construction site but also to subsequently disassemble them and to transport for installation in another place. Thus the customer receives a high quality end product meeting the necessary requirements.



If you already own a ready building but don't accept some parameters, for example, small area or inconvenient layout, in this case it is possible to solve these issues by reconstruction of a building, building-on of additional floors with application of STALDOM system. It is especially actual in ancient districts of a city where heavy machinery passage is complicated and shabby buildings can only sustain minimum load.


Mansards and roofings

Due to light weight of frame elements STALDOM system allows to carry out every possible superstructures of additional floors, construction of mansards. Convenience and safety of assembly is provided by absence of welding works, small weight of separate details, and speed of assembly (after disassembly of an old roofing, erection of a new structure takes the shortest terms). Interstorey floorings separating a superstructure from the existing building also provide considerable heat and sound insulation due to a layer of a modern environmentally safe heater.


Enclosing structures

The advanced development of Staldom experts is enclosing structures or thermopanels.

Thermopanels can be applied at ready reinforced concrete frames or frames erected of ferrous metal to fill external apertures instead of a traditional material - gas concrete, foam concrete, bricks etc. Use of thermopanels allows to considerably reduce the term of erection of a building (panels can be mounted with built-in windows, external furnish and winterization). Economy at foundation erection is also doubtless, as thermopanel weight it is far below traditional building materials. Besides, there are such factors as increase of internal space at the expense of a smaller wall thickness and considerably improved sound and heat insulation.

Thus, STALDOM is a flexible universal construction system which can be combined with any traditional structures and technologies, thus adding its advantages to these structures.