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STALDOM technology


Staldom is a modern technology of alternative easy-to-assemble housing construction. This technology is based on application of light steel thin-walled structures (LSTS). Buildings erected from such materials are referred to easy-to-erect buildings (EEB). Their distinctive feature is a principle "quickly, qualitatively, affordably" in accordance with which they are constructed. Use of this principle in construction gives the opportunity to the customer of such a building to know the exact cost of a building at a stage of pre-design preparation, to receive a ready building within the shortest terms, to avoid using heavy machinery in the course of construction and pollution of a construction site with construction materials, to construct on problem soils, in seismically dangerous areas (seismic resistance of 9 balls). If necessary, a building constructed in accordance with this given technology may be disassembled and assembled in another place with minimum expenses. Staldom technology also suits for reconstruction of buildings, and building-on of additional storeys. It is especially actual for works in an ancient part of a city where heavy machinery passage is complicated and shabby buildings can only sustain minimum load. STALDOM system allows to construct buildings for residential, commercial and industrial purpose.


LSTS are based on cold-formed profiles of different thickness and configuration. Distinctive feature of LSTS is the use of thermoprofiles for protecting designs (a wall, ceilings etc.) . Thermoprofile is a zinced profile with the through longitudinal notches cut in chessboard order.  Notches increase the way of a thermal stream passage, in other words, so-called «cold bridge» is liquidated.

Connection of all bearing and non-bearing elements of structures is performed with high-quality self-drilling screws.

Fixture of the house to the basis is performed by anchor method.



High quality of all elements of STALDOM system is provided by competent designing of structures which is performed with use of three-dimensional modeling system. The program allows to design and to precisely calculate durability, stability and a deflection of each fragment of the object. Doubtless advantage is that calculation of structures is performed in accordance with a spatial scheme that considerably reduces the weight of elements.

The program of the automated designing in accordance with STALDOM technology allows to create a three-dimensional prototype of a building, providing accuracy of the dimensions and geometry of elements of a building. Such approach eliminates a risk of welding or making changes at the construction site. Besides, multi-variant approach to designing allows to optimize structures by weight, to unify profile sections, to group elements by products and by orders.

Specification of structures drawn up made by means of the program is sent to the factory where each element is manufactured and marked in exact conformity with the drawing. Marking of each element of a building excludes errors in the course of installation on a construction site. Process of elements manufacturing is completely automated ensuring the shortest terms of performance of each order.


STALDOM system consists of the following subsystems:

  • Frame of external walls consists from: steel zinced perforated profiles (thermoprofile) - horizontal guides, racks. Auxiliary elements are applied. Depending on calculation loads the thickness of external walls varies within 100-200 mm.
  • frame of internal bearing walls includes steel zinced profiles. The thickness of internal walls generally doesn't exceed 100 mm.
  • Frame of garret flooring is comprised by steel zinced perforated profiles, ceiling lathing, auxiliary elements. Frame of garret flooring includes thermoprofile filing fixed to a roof truss part or to roofing farms, then lathing is mounted lathing from a furring channel for installation of gypsum slabs.
  • Bearing structures of roofing are farms made of steel zinced profiles (roof truss structure is applied to mansard floors).
  • Interstorey and roofing farms have high bearing ability at a low body weight. Due to that there is no need for the use of load-lifting machinery.


Construction system

Bearing and self-bearing external walls of buildings consist from: 

External furnish, performed in accordance with a "ventilated facade" principle (1), air clearance provides heater airing.

Wind barrier membrane (2).

Perforated metal zinced profiles (3) made from light gage steel connected to each other with self-drilling screws a panel plane. Vertical racks, horizontal ground plates and connecting elements form a building frame.

Effective heater - cellulose wool (4) filling the whole wall space. The heater is not flammable, environmentally safe, provides high thermal and physical wall parameters.

Vaporproof film (5).

Gypsum cladding boards (6)  from inside of the wall (application of cement bonded particle board, metal profile and other materials is possible).


Internal walls of buildings consist of steel zinced profiles faced with gypsum boards from two sides. The entire cavity of walls is filled inside with cellulose wool.


Bearing structures of interstorey flooring are made of light steel C-shaped or П-shaped profiles forming a farm with height of 350 mm; beam with height of 200 mm (1) is also applicable.

Несущие конструкции междуэтажного перекрытия

  All cavities are filled inside with cellulose wool (2) which provides high interstorey sound insulation of premises. Stainless steel boards (3) forming the base under floors are laid on top of beams. Covering is attached to edge girders and to floor girders with self-drilling screws. After installation of a reinforcing grid the polystyrene concrete screed (4) is poured.

A ceiling includes metal lathing made of furring channel fixed to the bottom chords or beams, vaporproof film, gypsum cladding boards.

Чердачное перекрытие

Garret flooring includes a hydroproof film (1) , heat insulation layer of cellulose 


wool (7), vaporproof film (3), boarded ceiling from made of thermoprofile (6), furring lathing (5) and gypsum boards (4).

Bearing structures of a covering consist from roof truss farms or beams (2) made of thin-walled zinced steel. Lathing made of omega-shaped profiles for support and fixing of roofing board is arranged over roof truss bearing structures. The bearing structure of a covering is located in a «cold area» over the warmed garret flooring. Connection solutions of bearing structures and garret flooring exclude occurrence of "cold bridges". Application of bent profiles from light gage metal in roof truss systems allows to reduce the load on bearing structures.

Mansard type constructions are designed and manufactured in accordance with STALDOM technology that allows to use garret space effectively. Roof truss farms are made industrially in the form of separate deliverable assemblies assembled on a building site. It creates the opportunity to quickly assemble a structure if the roof is erected simultaneously with installation of frame of walls and floorings. Support of roof truss farms or covering beams is always made on vertical racks of walls.

конструкции мансардного типа

In case of arrangement of mansards, heat insulation and internal facing is also performed similarly to that for garret flooring and includes a steel frame made of thermoprofiles (1), heat insulation layer of cellulose wool (4), vaporproof film (2) and boarded ceiling from gypsum boards (4).