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LSTS Designing is the first step towards the purpose.

With the use of light steel thin-walled structures (LSTS) it is possible to construct buildings and constructions for various purposes, from an individual apartment house to a production shop, gym or store. Efficiency of LSTS application depends in many respects on the correct use of bent thin-walled profiles; therefore LSTS designing becomes the initial stage of creation of economic construction object with minimum expenses.

Correct calculation of LSTS is a guarantee of reliability and durability of the whole building.

At the first stage of LSTS building design loads applied to bearing constructions are calculated and the strains arising in elements are determined. Then sections are selected. After determination of types of light steel bent profiles which, due to theirs characteristics, are able to receive the calculation effort, designing of elements of a building begins.

A distinctive feature of construction of LSTS houses from is the possibility of erection on any kind of foundation. Due to small weight of constructions, the foundation type is selected depending only on geological characteristics of the ground, its cold penetration depth, ground waters level. It may be perimeter (rigid, flexible), slab or pile foundation.

Construction of perimeter foundations is expedient on dry non-heaving soils. Slab foundations consisting of a continuous monolithic slab are constructed in conditions of high ground waters level (especially subartesian level) as well as at non-uniformly compressed, weak ground. Pile foundations are laid, if sandy loose, funnel type soils, water sated sands lie down at the considerable depth.

Generally, the stage of designing and manufacturing of frame elements lasts about three weeks. This time is sufficient for the Customer to prepare the foundation.