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Private Construction

A two-storey cottageOne of the main areas of our company’s activity is a private construction industry. Choice of this area is not incidental. On the one hand, investment of funds into construction of own house are reliable investments in any economic situation; and necessity to provide habitation both for you and for your family becomes a regular desire even of middle-class Ukrainian families. On the other hand, Staldom system was developed first of all for low rise apartment houses, having combined high quality, availability and speed.

When constructing an own house, a cottage or a private residence, the Customer equally appreciates both integrated approach to works performance (in order not to bother oneself communicating with a number of contracting brigades) and reasonable cost. Staldom company will provide absolutely new approach to construction, save your time and efforts, perform almost all basic house erection works at optimum cost. At the initial stage together with the competent designer you can define a convenient lay-out of the future house, coordinate exterior and architectural decisions. Moreover, we will perform practically all construction works. You no longer need to worry about whether materials will suffice, how to deliver materials to the object or where to find competent experts for each type of works. Thus, having coordinated what your house is supposed to be like, you may be sure to receive a ready house in 2.5-3.5 months where you will need only to perform decorative furnish to your taste.

Another weighty argument in favor of a construction in accordance with Staldom technology is low operating expenses and frame durability. House is constructed for many generations and even the current dynamical rhythm of life doesn’t belittle the value of family traditions. Use of high quality materials allows predicting durability of houses constructed by us for approximately 85 years; more than one generation of your family may enjoy comfort and warmth of your house. As to working costs, heating of a house constructed in accordance with Staldom technology requires several times less power than heating of a brick house. A steel frame (unlike wooden) doesn’t need to be processed from insects, it isn’t subject to such phenomena as desiccation or shrinkage.

Cost of construction of such an economic house is quite commensurable with the cost of apartment in a new building or the city center. Practically identical costs allow you to obtain your own house providing unlimited opportunities to design your life to your own taste, to have a rest from work and to forget about daily city vanity as well as to avoid the undesirable noise made by neighbors.

Reconstruction with the superstructure of the second floorIf you already have a house but for some reasons there is a lack of free space, Staldom technology allows you to solve this issue easily by overbuilding of an additional floor or construction of extension of the already existing building. Lightness of structures provides the minimum loading on existing walls, speed of installation will make the process of expansion of a dwelling space as much as possible convenient. No construction machinery will be at the site (which allows saving a terrain), your courtyard won’t turn into a construction site with construction garbage. If you choose to use the services of Staldom company, in three months you can already begin decorative furnishing in new rooms, and your courtyard will look same as before construction.

Staldom technology also suits for construction of non-residential buildings. A spacious garage for several cars, guest house or house for attendants can be constructed quickly and qualitatively. Plenty of options of external furnish will allow to successfully unite new constructions with the already existing house into a uniform architectural ensemble. Due to high power saving capabilities of walls mounted in accordance with Staldom system, our technology is successfully applied at construction of bathhouses, saunas and spa-centers.

Thus, whether you decide to build a cottage, summer residence, penthouse, garage or bathhouse, Staldom company will design, deliver and perform all erection works "on a turn-key basis" quickly and qualitatively for a reasonable price.

Commercial construction

We will help you to implement your business ideas!

Cottage VillageDespite an unstable economic situation, both of the world community as a whole and of Ukraine in particular, the area of commercial construction remains to be one of priority directions of investing. It is related, first of all, to steady development of manufactures and increasing consumption of goods and services.

A regular stage of development of cities is the aspiration to arrangement of suburbs with developed infrastructure with dwelling designated for people with average and high income level. In the last decade construction of cottage settlements in Ukraine has acquired a universal nature. This direction is rather perspective at all times considering a natural desire of people to obtain individual dwelling. From the economic point of view, the investor is primarily interested in the shortest term of return of invested funds and liquidity of real estate. Staldom system completely meets these requirements. Due to simplicity and speed of installation it is practical to erect a cottage settlement for one season. Houses constructed in accordance with our technology are durable, economic in operation; give ample opportunities of a free lay-out and almost unlimited choice of finishing materials. Thus, Staldom houses will be always in demand in both primary and secondary real estate market.

TownhouseIn case of construction of low rise apartment houses or townhouses, one of distinctive advantages of Staldom system is a high sound insulation property of walls and interfloor slabs that certainly raises comfort level. Reasonable cost price of 1 m2 of a ready building is rather attractive for investments.

Staldom technology is very successfully applied in construction of recreational objects. These are sanatoria, hotels, recreation centers, corpuses of children’s camps and many other objects of tourism. In Ukraine tourist centers are often located in mountain regions, such as Crimean peninsula or Karpaty ridge, characterized by high seismic activity. Seismic stability of buildings constructed in accordance with Staldom system makes 9 balls. None of the traditional technologies provide such high level of protection. Lightness of structures allows building at coasts and on other difficult soils. A crucial factor is a speed of erection of structures, as well as all-season nature of installation works. All this makes construction in accordance with Staldom technology not only safe but also favorable, as the owner can have works performed in a low demand season, on any types of soils.

Office  buildingOne of popular directions of construction in accordance with Staldom system is erection of office buildings. When an enterprise is promptly developing and there is a need for more and more office premises for a growing staff, there is a necessity for construction of a new modern building in very short terms and with minimum expenses, and a team of Staldom Ukraine professionals can provide obvious advantages in this area. Besides, due to design features of Staldom technology, expenses related to heating of a building will be minimal.

All construction materials applied for construction in accordance with Staldom technology are non-polluting and are widespread in many European Union countries. If you are planning to build a clinic or a laboratory, a conclusion of the European Association of Asthmatics on anti-allergenic nature of constructive elements of our construction system becomes the crucial factor for decision-making. Cellulose wool, a hi-tech heater, will provide a comfortable stay both for employees and clients due to considerable sound and thermal insulation.

Staldom technology successfully suits for erection of warehouses; all building frame elements are marked and can be assembled as constructor set in short terms. Also, if necessary, a warehouse constructed in accordance with such a system can be disassembled and delivered in eurowaggons to another site where installation won’t cause almost any loss of materials.

SPA centerFor construction of SPA centers, saunas, covered pools and other premises with a high moisture level, moisture resistant, durable and non-polluting building materials are necessary. Staldom company applies such components for quickly erected buildings. Considerable content of zinc in a steel frame allows to operate a building in an aggressive environment of at least 85 years.

One more important direction of construction is erection of additional floors on already existing buildings. This is particularly of current interest for ancient buildings located in the city center. On the one hand, raising population density of business centers requires expansion of trading and office areas, on the other hand, often it is not possible to take down a building with a view to its historical value. In such cases overbuilding of additional floors without damage to an existing building will be a successful solution. The base will be made by a light frame from zinced steel profiles making the minimum loading. Installation is performed without the use of construction machinery, and construction process in accordance with Staldom technology doesn’t turn city streets into a construction site.

Despite of designation, whether for construction of an office premise, shopping center, warehouse, store, sports complex, spa-center, laboratory, clinic, apartment house or another commercial building, Staldom technology provides a number of advantages:

Economy of funds in foundation formation (shallow foundation will suffice).

Accuracy of a design excludes expenses for alignment of walls and ceilings at the stage of decorative furnishing.

In case of the change of a market situation, our building can always be disassembled with minimum losses (making the internal furnish unfit for use only) and re-erected or reconstructed.

Convenient and rational placing of all utilities in walls and ceilings adds aesthetics and expands internal space of premises.

In case of a necessity to cut down expenses as much as possible and availability of own human resources, it is possible to order a frame only, with other installation and furnish works performed independently.

Universality of Staldom system allows implementing the most grandiose business ideas with minimum costs of money and time.