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External works

Consequence of cladding of an external part of the house after frame erection is as follows.

Waterproofing membrane not allowing penetration of moisture into a premise is mounted from outer side of the premise, Ω - a profile is horizontally mounted on the top of it, providing ventilating clearance for natural ventilation of a heater. Then any hinged facade system is mounted.

Roofing is mounted simultaneously with facade works. Waterproofing membrane is fixed on roofing slopes by means of Ω - the profiles, step of which is calculated according to a type of  roofing material. Despite rather light weight of a bearing structure of roofing, selection of roofing materials is almost unlimited. Metal tiles, stainless steel boards or bitumen tiles are more often mounted onto roofing lathing.

Installation of windows is performed by the qualified erection team. Sealing of mounting fits between a window and a wall is dense, uniform, maintaining climatic load outside and inside a room, connections provide timely diversion of rain water and condensate outside.

The stage of external works lasts at the average about four weeks.