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Frame erection

Staldom-Ukraine is the manufacturer of steel zinced profiles which allows to avoid expenses on materials delivery from abroad and to perform construct manufacturing within the shortest terms.

Installation of a building with area up to 500 м2 is performed at the average within 2 - 4 weeks by forces of regular brigades, under the control of professional construction superintendents who have passed the obligatory training by leading European experts.

Fixture of a house to the basis is performed by anchor method. Wall and roofing constructions are attached by self-drilling screws.

Frame of external walls consists of: steel zinced perforated profiles (thermoprofile): horizontal guides, racks. Auxiliary elements, fixture are applied. Depending on calculation loadings, the thickness of external walls varies within 150-200 mm.

Frame of internal bearing walls includes steel zinced profiles and fittings. The thickness of internal walls generally doesn't exceed 100 mm.

Frame of garret flooring consists of a perforated profile, lathing of a ceiling and fittings.

Bearing structures of a roofing are farms from steel zinced profiles (roof truss structure is applied to mansard storeys), fixing and connecting elements are applied.

The interstorey and roofing farm possesses high bearing ability at a low deaf weight. Due to that, no load-lifting machinery is necessary.

The advantage of Staldom technology is the use of thermoprofile in construct buildings. Thermoprofile is a zinced profile with the through longitudinal notches cut in chessboard order.  Notches increase the way of a thermal stream passage, in other words, so-called «cold bridge» is liquidated.