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Photos from the construction sites in Ukraine, Russia, Europe
The house near the lake A two-storey house Typical project COMFORT The hotel complex. Fishing and Hunting Typical project MODERN Two-storey house Mini hotel near the lake One-storied country house Cottage Village Hotel on the rock Two-story Hotel Three-storey hotel in a seismic zone Сottage Сottage Two-storey house Частный дом в Одессе Two-storey house Сottage Two-storey house A single-storey cottage Four-storey hotel House on the slope House on the river Two-storey house House in the country village House in the woods Cottage with accessible roof and pool Country house Сountry cottage Superstructure of the house Гостиница на берегу Днепра Надстройка на доме Private house Country house Country house Two-storey house Construction of the village of Technology Staldom Duty Free. International Airport Donetsk Country house Shop Industrial building One-storey house in the loft style One-storied house Cottage Village Country house Two-storey house Office Building Сottage in hi-tech Reconstruction of house Minimarket Two-Storey Cottage Two-storey house Reconstruction of country house Typical Cottage MARIYA Typical Cottage MARIYA Two-storey house Two-storey house Two-storey house Typical Cottage MARIYA Typical Cottage MARIYA, block house Townhouse Admiral Private SPA-complex Typical project IZUMRUD House with a stove Typical project IZUMRUD Typical Cottage MARIYA Office building Сottage Сottage Capitol Laboratory and experimental section The sports complex Superstructure of the 2nd floor Three-storey house Two-storey house Typical project SALUT Typical project SALUT Сottage Typical project Аfanasiy Reconstruction of the roof with an attic floor Typical project Bashmakof Two-storey house with chimney Show-room Office Building, fasad - metal cassettes Сottage in the forest Two-storey house with Scanroc Typical project Patriot Typical project VIP Gavr Typical project Vladimir Office Building Megafon Typical project ARCH Mansard Everest The electrode mansard Office and industrial building Commercial pavilion The customs terminal Superstructure of the 2nd floor Superstructure on the industrial building Superstructure on the cafe Сottage Typical project КAPRIZ Superstructure of the house Superstructure from black metal Superstructure the 2nd floor of the house Superstructure of the commercial building Suburban two-story house Сottage Typical Cottage MARIYA Hotel Bathhouse Superstructure of the 2nd floor Reconstruction and add 2 floors Penthouse 10-th floor Superstructure