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Mini-factory of LSTS frame systems production for construction by "STALDOM" technology
International Holding "STALDOM" specializes in implementation of projects related to intellectual developments in field of construction and manufacture of light steel thin-walled structures (LSTS).
Our company has sufficient experience and knowledge in designing, manufacturing and construction, as well as branding, advertising and sales specifics of LSTS buildings. The strong brand name was created, was developed the innovative product - technology Staldom, extensive advertising campaign has being conducted actively almost in every region of Ukraine, our own standards for organization of Staldom system design are being implemented.
The ideology of the company is  transferring and adaptation of modern construction technology to other countries, providing the opportunity to use knowledge and experience that was gained.
We offer:
• World-famous brand in  construction industry
• Liquidity and highly profitable business with a short term return on investment
• Permanent advisory support on business issues
• Profit-making regardless of the season

Franchising STALDOM is

1 Work on a dynamic market. Today construction of LSTS is one of the most promising directions of domestic construction industry development. Making own business in this industry with support of "Staldom", LLC managing experience, guarantees to franchisees the high competitiveness on construction market.

2 The broad coverage of consumers. Multi-variance of LSTS usage determines mass applying of franchise business products on construction market:

• housing complex (houses, attics, townhouses, walling in apartment buildings)

• agro-industrial sector (hangars, warehouses, storage facilities, cattle)

• tourism industry (hotels, resorts)

• administrative and commercial property (offices, shopping malls, service stations, administrative buildings).

3 Innovative Technologies. Uniqueness and purity of product patent. Building by Staldom technology is innovative method that comes as an alternative to traditional forms of construction. Structures of Staldom meet all construction requirements: durability, strength, low weight, environmental cleanliness, simplicity, accuracy and high speed of assembly.

Our company is a developer and an owner of exclusive rights to the trademark STALDOM® and patents for franchises manufactured products (LSTS) and applied structural system.

4 Support on the stage of organization and in the process of enterprise activity. A wide range of services and consultations are provided while franchise business is being organized; there is  a constant operational, technical, promotional support on key aspects of industrial, commercial and business activity.

5 The ability to expand manufacture. As a developer of a modern technology of alternative easy-to-erect construction STALDOM®, we provide an integrated approach to  construction on innovative technologies - from design to implementation of "turnkey". As a part of further development of franchising enterprise, there is an opportunity  to transmit, on specific conditions, the design standards of steel structures, specifications for the products (product catalog / profiles with calculated parameters).

Economic parameters of franchising project

For evaluation of investment attractiveness, we provide main indicators of economic activity of typical production of structures by Staldom technology. Own funds of franchisees are considered as financing sources of initial investment.


Expenditure of the project includes:

• Investment costs (paying for the right to use the trademark, proprietary technology, services in enterprise organization, drafting a preparation process of a project, initial staff training; an equipment of enterprise by production equipment, an initial purchase of raw materials).

• Production costs (raw material acquisition, lease payments / payment of utility bills for the use of production area, labor cost, depreciation of equipment, marketing activities, office software, etc.).

• Tax expense (income tax, state and local taxes, other deductions under the current legislation in a region).


Profitable part of the project includes:

• Revenue from sale of manufactured products - ready for use buildings (price is set by franchisees on its own).

• Revenue from services of frame installation

• Profit from performing the full range of works on construction a building "turnkey" - the facade and interior decoration, roofing, installation of windows and so forth. A list of additional works and services is determined by franchisee on its own.

• Revenue from sale of finished thermal panels for use as walling on ready-made frames or reinforced concrete frames constructed of black metal as filling exterior openings (in apartment buildings, shopping malls and others tall buildings).


Planned production capacity of a plant:

• 50,000 square meters  of residential buildings construction

• 192 000 square meters of enclosures/walling (34 of standard 20-storey buildings)

• 100,000 sq meters of agribusiness buildings


In assessing a franchising project for production of Staldom systems  it is proposed a method of determining a payback period. This method lies in determining the necessary period of time for compensation of investments over which return on investment is expected due to the profits, derived from production and sales of products.

Payback to organization and operation of frame systems production plant Staldom is depending on selected package and makes 18-24 months.


Return on sales (shows a share of  net profit in total sales) is 35-40%.

It should be noted that profitability and payback is calculated provided that the use of production lines no less than 30% of planned production capacity.

Franchise includes:

1 Licensing agreements for the right to use of  STALDOM trademark.

2 The license agreement for the right to use patents for utility models.

3 Licensing agreements for the right to use exclusive software of management system: personnel and projects management, cooperation with customers, preparation of project and reporting documentation.

4 Licensing agreements for the right to use of technical standards for production organization (technical specifications for manufacture of the product and its use).

5 Information materials: description of business processes, technological charts, instructions.

6 Project documentation of frame systems for 3 standard home for reuse.

7 The contract for buildings design  and development of technical specifications.

8 The contract for delivery and launch equipment for production Staldom systems.

9 Staff training: specificity of sales, rules for participation in exhibitions / conferences; construction of organizational structure, work of production lines operator, features of structures installation at a workshop and on a construction site.

10 Advertising and marketing support: participation in trade shows, web-promotion, recommendations for effective use of advertising media considering characteristics of a region.

For organization of the franchise enterprise there should be:

• a production area not less than 500 square meters for setting a production line·availability of sufficient financial means for enterprise organization


Stages for the start of LSTS production plant:

1 Application of potential franchisees and its approval.

2 Licensing agreement, payment of an initial fee.

3 Technical assessment of future production area, creation of technological project of an enterprise, conclusion of a contract on production equipment sale.

4 Preparation of franchisee production area. Delivery of production equipment by franchisor, conducting of pre-commissioning.

5 Full staffing of an enterprise, staff training. Start of enterprise work

Period of Enterprise organization, from licensing agreement is signed till launch of production is about 7 months.


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