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What is the thickness of an interstorey slab, how reliable is it?

A slab consists of farms with height of 350 mm filled with cellulose wool, professional sheets are fixed over farms and are filled with polystyrene concrete. Visually scheme of interstorey slab is shown in Technology section. Loads on 1 sq.m of a slab are calculated according to DBN B.1.2-2:2006 “Loads and Impacts”.

What is the thickness of an external wall and what does it consist of?

The thickness of a wall in assembly with external and internal finishing makes 300-400 mm. Compared to a brick wall which thickness of 500-600 mm, you receive by 10-15 % more internal space at the same dimensions of a building. Information concerning materials applied for external walls is set forth in Technology section.

What types of external finishing do you apply?

We use ventilated front facade such as: marmoroc, block house, composite panels, facing self-bearing bricks, textural “bark beetle" plaster.

What are the advantages of marmoroc façade system?

This facade system is affordable, has the appearance of facing bricks and does not demand additional maintenance (renovation, impregnation against traces of salt etc.). It is quickly mounted and does not assume any "wet" works.

What kind of a roofing material will you advise?

Roofing material should be chosen based on the purpose of a building and preferences of the customer. Universality of Staldom system allows to apply any type of roofing material. Mostly metal tiles are used in view of an optimum ratio price/durability/safety.

Please tell about the heat insulation material used?

Environment friendly cellulose heater – cellulose wool - is applied as a heat insulation material. Research works of University in USA have shown that insulation with cellulose improves tightness of buildings in comparison with mineral wool almost by 38 %. As a result, power efficiency of cellulose almost by 24 % exceeds that of mineral wool. Besides, cellulose wool is fire-resistant and safe for health.

What are the sound-proof properties of a building?

Wall structure of 150 mm filled with cellulose wool has a sound insulating ability RW = 93 dB. Comfortable noise level in a residential premise makes approximately 25-30 dB. This index is regulated by SNiP 2.12.77 “Protection against Noise”.

How utility lines are laid?

Utility lines are laid in the hidden way: in walls and floors of buildings. Thus, 5-10 % of a useful area is saved.

Does the house require additional maintenance during operation?

The house erected in accordance with Staldom technology doesn't require any additional expenses during operation (such as impregnation against ignition, insects etc.).

What is the seismic stability?

The seismicity of buildings erected in accordance with Staldom technology makes 9 balls that allows to construct in the territory of Crimea, the Western Ukraine and other seismically active zones.

How much environment friendly are materials applied for construction

Staldom technology is considered to be "eco-technology", therefore materials applied for construction don't contain harmful substances and meet all environmental norms.

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