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What is the cost of construction in accordance with Staldom technology?

Construction cost is calculated per 1 sq. m of the building area. The price depends on the lay-out complexity, roofing type, finishing materials, but first of all on the building area. For specification of cost it is sufficient for you to send us a design (using the order form section) and a lay-out, having specified your contact details. Within the shortest terms we will perform all necessary calculations and communicate you the cost of construction of your object.

How much time will construction take?

Construction in accordance with Staldom technology is performed within the shortest terms. The period from foundation laying till the object commissioning takes from 2.5 till 3.5 months.

Is it possible to purchase a structure only?

You can purchase only a building frame and independently perform all finishing work.

What metal do you use for manufacturing of profiles?

For manufacturing of metal frame in accordance with Staldom technology only a high quality steel with high content of zinc is applied that allows to predict durability of a building of approximately 100 years.

What other expenses beside the expenses you have specified in the estimate may exist?

Works related to arrangement of basement, staircase (if a building has more than one floor), roof sheathing, water drainage system aren't included in the estimate. If the object is at a distance of more than 100 km from Dnepropetrovsk, it is necessary to provide housing for the erection team (5-6 persons).

What is meant by the terms of reference for the manufacture of metal, which is mentioned in the form of the contract for the design?

Technical specifications for manufacturing steel structures - an architectural sketch, which lists all the geometric characteristics of the building (dimensions, openings, mark). Composition of architectural sketch usually includes elevations (drawings), floor plans, architectural sections. Harmonization of technical specifications with the customer is a prerequisite for making the project and metalwork.

What is better: a mansard storey or a full-scale storey?

There is an opinion that erection of a mansard floor storey, reducing the volume of building materials, to essentially decrease construction cost. Based on the long-term experience of construction, this statement is rather disputable. Structurally a mansard storey is more metal-consuming than a full-scale storey, therefore expenses are approximately the same.

What foundation can be laid? 

Distinctive advantage of buildings constructed in accordance with Staldom technology is the possibility to erect structures on any foundation. Since a prefabricated wall is in several times lighter than a brick one, a foundation type is chosen based only on geological characteristics of soil. Mostly perimeter lighted foundation is applied.

How is the frame fixed to the foundation? Is it necessary to leave protruding bars?

The frame of a building is fixed to the foundation with anchorage joints. It is not necessary to leave protruding bars.

Is it possible to build on an additional storey from your structures?

Staldom system is perfect for erection of additional storeys on an existing building. In view of rather small weight of structures, reconstruction is possible even on ancient constructions. Absence of "wet works” and speed of installation allow to obtain a ready building without pollution of a building site and use of heavy machinery.

What maximum span can be planned in case of erection of a house from your structures?

Our technology of frame construction allows to overlap considerable spans of both interstorey slabs and garret slabs. For an interstorey slab, a span can make up to 6 m.

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