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Commercial constructions

Staldom system ideally fits for the mounting buildings both of residential, industrial and agricultural purposes.

                      Warehouses                                                                Hangars  

                                                                    Animal Breeding Complexes

The structure of roof made of LGSF with the application of roof  cassettes:

1. Bearing frame LGSF

2. Roof cassettes Staldom

3. Thermal insulation "Cellulose wool"

4. Thermal liner

5. Water-proof barrier

6. Roof stainless steel board


The structure of wall made of LGSF with the application of wall  cassettes:

1. Bearing frame LGSF

2. Wall cassettes Staldom

3. Basalt thermal insulation

4. Thermal liner

5. Wind barrier

6. Fasade stainless steel board


Used materials:

Frame: steel galvanized profiles with different configurations connected with the help of bolting.

Heat Insulation:  cellulose wool (cellulose) or basalt wool. Insulating with the help of cellulose improves impermeability more than 38% in comparison with mineral wool. As a result energy efficiency of cellulose is about 24% higher than mineral wool. The index of noise insulation of external wall  3 timesexceeds the building norms.

Facade system: innovating development - Staldom's cassettes. Staldom cassettes – it’s self-bearing wall cassette which lets quickly perform bearing cladding structure for winterization and facing and get herewith readymade (does not require finishing) inner wall surface. The inner space of cassettes can be used for the laying of thermal insulation. The basis of Staldom cassette is the smooth plate made of hot dip galvanized steel the thickness of which is 0.75-1.25 mm with different types of polymeric coating or without it. Such design solution lets highly increase strength and deformability properties of the structure of wall filling and facilitate its assembling. Staldom cassettes are supplied both galvanized and with polymeric coating. Cassettes are attached to the building frame, the surface of the cassette is the inner surface of the wall. The inner space of Staldom cassette is adapted for the laying of thermal insulation in it without any additional fixation.

Strength properties of internal wall cassettes allow to resist load from atmospheric influences, first of all from wind and while performing inside process operations. Protective polymeric coating provides security from admission of humidity from inside the premise and improves firmness against chemical corrosion.


  • unsupported span is about 21 m
  • height of the storey is about  8 m
  • short  period of construction
  • we build at any time of the season
  • minimum costs for the  foundation