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LSTS Designing is the first step towards the purpose.

With the use of light steel thin-walled structures (LSTS) it is possible to construct buildings and constructions for various purposes, from an individual apartment house to a production shop, gym or store. Efficiency of LSTS application depends in many respects on the correct use of bent thin-walled profiles; therefore LSTS designing becomes the initial stage of creation of economic construction object with minimum expenses.

Frame erection

Staldom-Ukraine is the manufacturer of steel zinced profiles which allows to avoid expenses on materials delivery from abroad and to perform construct manufacturing within the shortest terms.

Installation of a building with area up to 500 м2 is performed at the average within 2 - 4 weeks by forces of regular brigades, under the control of professional construction superintendents who have passed the obligatory training by leading European experts.

External works

Consequence of cladding of an external part of the house after frame erection is as follows.

Waterproofing membrane not allowing penetration of moisture into a premise is mounted from outer side of the premise, Ω - a profile is horizontally mounted on the top of it, providing ventilating clearance for natural ventilation of a heater. Then any hinged facade system is mounted.

Internal works


Stage of internal works is the finishing stage, but it lasts from four to six weeks depending on the number of storeys of buildings.

Basic works include arrangement of utility lines, winterization of walls, heating system installation and in case of presence of interstorey flooring - polystyrene concrete pouring.




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